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Carry Bag Manufacturer

Being a leading carry bag manufacturers in Mumbai, we offer fully customized carry bags in different size and look as per customer need. We mostly deal with shopping bags of different designs and patterns. This variety includes Jute bags, cotton bags, matte bags which can be comfortably used for the purposes of shopping because of the big size of the bag which makes it spacious. Jute bags which are manufactured using Jute cloth come in variations like Jute Tote bags and rectangular bags made up of best quality jute.

Carry Bag Manufacturer

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Carry Bags

Cotton bags are manufactured using cotton material and same goes with Matty, it is manufactured by using Matty. We at Parshwa Padmavati Industries are one of the leading bags Manufacturers in India.

We have an expertise in manufacturing various types of bags and much more. We try to fulfill all the requirements of the customers by offering unique variety to match all their requirements. You can place orders on large scale and we will provide you bulk orders on wholesale rates for a variety of bags. Each category of bag differs from the other. The raw material used for each type of bag under category is different. In cotton bags, we use cotton material and a good quality handle is also provided to give the ease of carrying. Matty bags are made of matte cloth and are the most durable ones. Jute bags which are manufactured using Jute cloth are stiffer and in shape. You can pick these bags for the purpose of giving as a corporate gift or as a complementary item for the jewelry. These bags are easy to carry and keep the jewelry and things safe. The use of plastic bags can be avoided if these bags are used for the purpose of shopping. Hence these are the eco-friendly solution to the problem of increasing waste. It's high time to start using these bags and show some love to earth.