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Jewellery Boxes (Click on any category image to view related more products.)

NY Series Jewellery Boxes

  • NY Series Jewellery Boxes
    NY Series Jewel...
  • NY Series Jewellery Boxes For Gold
    NY Series Jewel...
  • NY Series Jewellery Boxes For Diamond
    NY Series Jewel...
  • NY Series Jewellery Boxes For Silver
    NY Series Jewel...
  • Exclusive NY Series Jewellery Boxes|
    Exclusive NY Se...
  • Fancy NY Series Jewellery Boxes
    Fancy NY Series...

LED Jewellery Boxes

  • LED Jewellery Box
    LED Jewellery B...
  • LED Ring Box
    LED Ring Box
  • LED Bangle Box
    LED Bangle Box
  • LED Chain Box
    LED Chain Box
  • LED Earring Pendent Box
    LED Earring Pen...

Plastic Jewelry Boxes

  • 6 Bangle Box
    6 Bangle Box
  • Amber Ring Box
    Amber Ring Box
  • Amber Tops Box
    Amber Tops Box
  • Amber Chain Box
    Amber Chain Box
  • Amber Bangle Box
    Amber Bangle Bo...
  • Bright Wood Bangle Box
    Bright Wood Ban...
  • Bright Wood Zumka Box
    Bright Wood Zum...
  • Ganapathi Top Box
    Ganapathi Top B...
  • Ganapathi Chain Box
    Ganapathi Chain...
  • Ganapathi Ring Box
    Ganapathi Ring ...

Exclusive Jewellery Boxes

  • Fruit Basket Ring Box
    Fruit Basket Ri...
  • Car Ring Box
    Car Ring Box
  • Gift Bag Ring Box
    Gift Bag Ring B...
  • Rose Ring Box
    Rose Ring Box
  • Acrylic Ring Box
    Acrylic Ring Bo...
  • Magnify Ring Box
    Magnify Ring Bo...

LCD Jewelry Boxes

  • LCD Video Box For Gold
    LCD Video Box
  • LCD Jewellery Boxes For Diamond
    LCD Video Boxes...
  • Fancy LCD Jewellery Boxes
    Fancy LCD Jewel...
  • LCD Jewelry Box
    LCD Jewelry Box
  • LCD Ring Box
    LCD Ring Box
  • Fancy LCD Boxes
    Fancy LCD Boxes
  • LCD Video Ring Boxes
    LCD Video Ring ...
  • LCD Chain Box
    LCD Chain Box


Parshwa Padmavati Industries offers a wide range of jewellery boxes designed with 100% quality assurance and unique designs which can work as a treat to the eyes and as a guard to the jewelry. Jewelry boxes are a necessity when it comes to selling jewelry.

The need for selling the jewelry in beautiful boxes is inevitable and also this way one can indirectly promote the brand. It is a complimentary piece for the customer, accentuating the rich sales and services you provide to the customers. Selling jewelry is one thing but selling it in such a manner that it fulfills all the customer requirements is equally important. These jewelry boxes facilitate packing, handling and carrying of jewelry in a better way. Available in different styles and patterns depending upon the requirements, these boxes are specifically designed to take care of precious ornaments.

Parshwa Padmavati Industries is one of the leading Jewelry Box Manufacturers in India that specializes in making designer jewelry boxes and much more offering unique variety to match all the requirements. Bulk orders on wholesale rates are available for all the types of jewelry boxes we manufacture. We have NY Jewelry boxes, LED Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Exclusive Jewelry Boxes and LCD Jewelry Boxes. These boxes not only assist in keeping the jewelry safe and the shine long lasting but also add beauty to your presentation of the jewelry.

Each category of the boxes is specifically designed to serve a different purpose in distinct ways. For instance, let's say, one has the requirement for an affordable jewelry box, their requirement can be fulfilled by providing plastic jewelry box. Or say one needs to store the jewelry into a kind of box which is also a repertoire of memories. LCD jewelry box is the solution for them as it has LCD picture display. Likewise, all the jewelry boxes are designed with best quality material and innovative designs to meet different needs.